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Обращение участников Международного общественного движения ПОЛИТИКА 2.0. к президенту Танзании

     С Божией помощию, наше письмо президенту Объединенной республики Танзания Джону Магуфули (здесь его русский перевод) с предложением возглавить движение против установления нового мiрового covid-порядка в английском варианте доработали, достаточное количество подписей собрали и завтра, Бог даст, отправим его электронной почтой, а в понедельник – обычной.
     Отметим, что право подписать это письмо имеют граждане, придерживающиеся концепции ПОЛИТИКА 2.0, то есть не делегировавшие власть ее узурпаторам, а оставив ее за собой. Если же кто по неблагоразумию это сделал, то, следуя духу, а не букве Конституции, имеет возможность ее отозвать, отправив письмо в Администрацию Президента и в ЦИК. Ссылка на образец заявления с отзывом своего голоса прилагается:
     А так как это заявление носит уведомительный характер и никакого ответа от получателей не требует (необходимо только отправить письмо с описью и уведомлением о вручении для доказательства его доставки), желающие присоединиться к нашему обращению до понедельника могут это сделать. Но повторяем, количество подписей для нас особой важности не имеет. Носитель суверенитета, кем мы являемся согласно Конституции, имеет право на всю полноту власти. (Однако, увы, иметь право – еще не значит иметь возможность его реализовать.) Потому осуществляем законно принадлежащую нам  власть по мере возможности. И история нашего движения показала, что при минимуме возможностей и малым числом действуем мы очень эффективно.

members of the International Public Movement POLITICS 2.0
John Pombe Joseph Magufuli
President of the United Republic of Tanzania

     Dear Mr. President,

we are the members of the International Public Movement POLITICS 2.0 living in Europe in former USSR countries and we are writing to you regarding the current situation with coronavirus in the world.
     Please allow us to introduce our Movement. We follow the principles of POLITICS 2.0 concept. It is a scientific concept which is based on internationally acknowledged human rights and suggests that each citizen possesses the right to execute his or her power directly with the use of modern technology. The concept is described in detail in the scientific article in Internauka magazine, issue 9, 2018 you may find more detailed information in this video POLITICS 2.0 EXPLAINED.
     We would like to express our deep respect to the position you hold regarding the coronavirus in the world! We are amazed by the courage you have shown, stepping alone against this global covid-raging pandemic. We call this raging as we see this as a mental epidemic which has nothing to do with health, simply put — a mass demonic obsession.
     As the majority of POLITICS 2.0 members are Orthodox christians we would like to point out that we are very much affected by the fact that you being a politician and a mere man have viewed this situation with epidemic from a spiritual point of view! Your words on the matter stressing that the virus is a devil and it cannot survive in the Holy Body of Jesus Christ impressed even the monks of Holy Mount Athos whose blessing we have.
     We also support your views on other issues, for example on demographic policies, protection of national economic, attitude towards LGBT, etc.
     Unfortunately we cannot say the same about the policies of our own state administrations, as it became totally clear they are subordinated to the notorious world government the existence of which one cannot deny after truly apocalyptic events of the year 2020. We see that the governments of all countries (except yours, Mr. President) introduce quarantine measures following a single global plan.
     The quarantine became a cover-up for the elimination not only of basic human rights such is right to labour, to protection in court, to education, to freedom of faith... but the governments now tend to infringe on such rights which even most tyrannical regimes never dared to encroach on - right to have a walk outside, to meet your family and friends… even the right to breathe! Following the POLITICS 2.0 principles we withstand the attacks of iniquity as far as it is possible but for obvious reasons we find it extremely hard to influence the official policies of our states.
     Considering all this and the position you hold regarding the imaginary pandemic, we urge you to realise the historic role you have now in the world politics and lead the rebellion against the covid-socialism which is being implemented all over the world under the “epidemic threat” cover. And we do have a right to contact you directly because we, realizing the fact that our governments do not act according to the will of the nations, have not delegated our power to them during elections and execute it directly as far as it is possible. Our letter to you is a step on the path of executing our power directly internationally.
     Dear Mr. President! Considering your status of the national leader and your worldview we do not see any other person to unite the like-minded people of the world in the resistance to this covid-dictatorship!
     We send this letter to you with hope that you will lead this movement and we will unite our effort and step against the establishment of the new world order.

     God bless you!

     With sincere respect and hope for a reply,
     members of the International Public Movement POLITICS 2.0

     POLITICS 2.0 Youtube channel


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